Craig Metzger and the EngineSystem

If you are looking for the design and art work of Craig Metzger, head on over to here

EngineSystem was started 10 years ago as a way for me to experiment with web design and post personal graphic design projects. The site went through various transitions over the years from being done in a bi-weekly zine format to a online portfolio. In one of it’s earlier forms I started a collaborative project called “Day In and Day Out” which featured submissions from various artists and designers. This community project always inspired me and created some great friendships and professional relationships.

Now EngineSystem is here to provide a little inspiration with it’s new interview series entitled A.F.Q (A Few Questions). I send 5 questions to artists and designers and show a sampling of their work. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the site.

Field Notes

You might of noticed on the sidebar a section called “Field Notes”. This section is powered by Tumblr and serves as a scrap book for images I find interesting, funny and inspirational with no rhyme or reason. At times I will post project updates I’m working on here as well.

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